Bail Bond Services

Secured Appearance Bonds (Bail Bond)

The total bond amount can be paid in cash, or you can pay a Bail Bondsman 10% of the bond amount, and then provide the bonding company some form of collateral equaling the entire bail bond amount.

Cash Bonds

A Judge may order a cash bond in lieu of a secured appearance bond. This means that the bond amount must be paid in cash to the jail or court. Most bail bonding companies do not provide cash only bail services. At Ayala Bail Bonds, we DO post cash-only bonds. Contact one of our Agents to get all of the details.

Signature Bail Bonds

Signature bonds typically do not guarantee the bond with collateral. Instead, it is secured with the co-signer's credit and work history. This service is offered O.A.C., and upon approval of the bond underwriting.

Credit Card Bonds

The jails in Arizona do not accept credit or debit card payments. Sometimes the co-signer is out of town, or only has a credit card to use for the payment. No problem! We can charge the credit card for the premium amount and/or the collateral. Just contact one of our Agents to get further details.

5% Down Bail Bonds

Ayala Bail Bonds is proud to introduce 5% Down Bail Bonds. Pay 5% to get the bond posted today! The remaining 5% premium and fees are due before the next court date. Some restrictions apply, and this program is not available for "cash-only" bonds. Please call or contact us for complete details.

Large Bonds

Ayala Bail Bonds and it's team are experts in approving large bonds. If you have all of the required documentation for the collateral, and the fees covered, there is no real difference from a $500 bond to a $500,000 bond. As one of the only large bond specialists in the valley, we pride ourselves in posting bonds for our clients regardless of the amount... in any jail, any City, and any State, any time, 24x7.

Premium Loans (New Service)

We are partnered up with several third-party lenders for you to secure payments of up to $35,000 for bail bonds. These third party providers specialize in allocating funds fast. Much like pay-day loans, they have similar terms and conditions. Typically, a steady income and checking account are required. Call one of our Agents today for complete details.